It’s been 7 days since I rid myself of the LGG2 and I purchased the Nexus 6. Almost went with the Iphone 6+ but I have the Ipad2 so I didn’t need it. The LGG2 was ok but it had been experiencing GPS glitches, most likely due to a fall to the ground. Sprint only coughed up $70 bucks for the trade in. Better than nothing I guess.

So, the Nexus 6 is Huuuuuge. It’s definitely a phablet and a 2 hand experience. I love the size as a big screen GPS while being a road warrior. Gotta say, I’m at lucky to have some work pants and jeans that have large side pockets. Props to the clothing engineers at Riggs and my own back yard favorite jean company, Kuhl.

The stock Google UI is clean and fast. Super fast. I like that there is no Sprint ware installed. One thing I do miss from the LG is the knock knock feature. I’ve been trained to knock and am still trying it on the Nexus. The power and volume are too close together and I’m constantly hitting the wrong buttons. Glad the power button is not on the top. I will be looking for a knock knock hack. Camera quality is great. The phone is pretty light considering how big it is. “OK Google” seems to be much better on Lollipop. I noticed I have not been going to the IPAD for videos.. Odd?

Battery life. Seems to be a battery hog (even though I get 12 hours) if the screen brightness is set above 50%. If i set to about 40-50% I can get a few more hours. The cool thing is the quick charge feature.

Now for Sprint LTE coverage. The LTE network is ok for the most part along the Utah Wasatch front. It’s not great in Northern Utah. The Denver LTE coverage is spotty through out all the cities, but I did find it to be better on the Western and southern cities and not as good on the Eastern cities. In San Bernardino, CA the same Sub par LTE coverage exists. I really struggle with Sprint coverage when I travel. Sprint LTE is getting better but has taken forever. I probably should have switched to Verizon for the better coverage years ago.

On a side note I’m still ticked off that the carriers don’t allow you to tether your phone for free. I’m paying for the phone and the service, and Sprint or any carrier shouldn’t lock down that feature. C’mon Sprint quit jerking us around.

I have yet to Root my phone to get the tether feature back. When I get another spare moment, ROOT I will.

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